First Post: On Writing

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I begin with the name of Allah


I have found that I am happiest expressing myself with pen and paper. It allows me a fluid hold over my thoughts that I do not enjoy if I were writing through any other medium, like a keyboard, or even recording through my voice – yes, recording your voice also counts as a means of ‘writing’ because, according toย Wikipediaย when you record your voice you are basically effecting changes in atmospheric pressure which are picked up by a microphone diaphragm and recorded on a medium like a phonograph, which are in turn sensed by a stylus as recorded grooves. I assume the focused energies spent on holding the pen and controlling its movement reflects, in some way, my control over my thoughts. The hand and the pen then become an extension of my fired up neurons physically manifesting themselves onto paper, where they may be held up and examined for years down the line, if preserved properly.Words in and of themselves do not reveal much – it is the ‘light’ behind them that lends meaning, by which I refer to a ‘sense’ carried by the words. But to reach it requires a lot of groping. Most miss the ‘light’ and focus only on the ink of the words, unfortunately. Some the ‘light’ reaches for on its own, taking them unawares.

Speaking of light,my mind turns to another mode of writing – that of photography. It is another form over which one exercises a certain form of control which, though illusory, is a sort of control nonetheless. Why illusory, you ask? Because in photography, one works only within the parameters of what already exists – the subject matter is already laid out, unlike while writing with a pen which is akin to weaving with a web. The depth of your writing matters on how intricately you can ‘weave’ your ‘web’. The control in photography, on the other hand, lies only in how you can manage to tweak the image you are presented with. In this sense writing with words is freed from this particular limitation that bounds photography. Of course, if we are talking about a form of ‘writing’ that transcends artificial limitation, music trumps this round. As an art form that does not depend on any artificially constructed grammar, other than what is already inherent in its nature, none can surpass the superiority music boasts of being the ultimate medium of recording what has never existed. But that is a ruminaton for another day.



10 thoughts on “First Post: On Writing

  1. Hey! A good start. I’m eager to see you write on that one pic of yours – the silk cotton flower with the dilapidated building in the background. Then, you can it’ll be a perfect unison of two modes of writing.


      1. Formality is welcome but not always. I had to read, and reply. Your work has been redolent of rainy days, which is elemental in my being and growth. So I’ll read your work – be they scribbles, sounds or images.

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      2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Believe me, this kind of appreciation is comfort food for my little, insecure soul. Thank you, really. And you should write more too! I still remember the status you wrote of the Holi incident. I loved it because you wrote it so well I could see the entire scene unfolding in front of my eyes. Not everyone has the gift of putting down descriptions so well.


  2. Ah but for me I write like one possessed when I am writing with a pen! As if the pen Iis moving me instead of the other way round! Because unlike on a keyboard where the delete or backspace keys erase every trace of whatever I wrote in spontaneity, a pen leaves traces behind. I can’t delude myself with a pen. A wonderful read! But yes, on music and photography I need to agree with you. Do write more! โค

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I agree when you say the pen leaves traces of your thought process behind – it is perhaps one of the reasons why I love it even more. I love how years down the line, those words and passages that were struck down also reveal so much of how you came about to what you finally noted down. It is amazing .

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